Arrowhead Commerce Park

A new industrial park located in the Village of Carey, Ohio to locate your business!

The Arrowhead Commerce Park is a business-friendly location offering a strong workforce, convenient regional access for commerce, and business cost reduction resources.  Single ownership, abundant utilities, and great transportation infrastructure make Arrowhead Commerce Park a suitable location for many types of industry.

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Location: The Arrowhead Commerce Park is located in roughly 1 mile north of 4-lane US-23 in the Village of Carey, Wyandot County.  Wyandot County lies at the mid-point between Columbus and Toledo, Ohio.  Invested in business growth, the county has resources and tools available to aid Arrowhead Commerce Park businesses in reducing workforce costs, as well as tax reductions and incentives.

Workforce: Wyandot County is a prime location in the Midwest for profitable business growth.  Within a 60-minute radius, businesses have access to over half-million of the working age population. The 500-mile radius surrounding Wyandot is home to 50% of the entire US population. This large population generates 60% of the US buying income.

Available Arrowhead Commerce Park Real Estate:

Brand New 101,250 SF Speculative Building Available!

The Arrowhead Commerce Park currently is comprised of roughly 30+ acres of land with 15 acres still available for future development. Click available properties in the map or descriptions below for complete listing information.

For individual parcel information, visit the Wyandot County GIS here.


Currently one initial business, Hanon Systems USA, is located in the Arrowhead Commerce Park.  The Arrowhead Commerce Park has 15 acres of land available for development between Columbus and Toledo. Within the forthcoming years, we plan to continue business development in the park. Your business can be a part of our beneficial development project. For more information contact us at 419-294-6404, or email a request using the form to the right.

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