Industrial Park Receives AT&T Fiber Ready Designation

The Columbus-Toledo Midway Industrial Park on the north side of Upper Sandusky AT&T Fiber Ready Logoofficially received the AT&T Fiber Ready designation on February 17th.  The designation certifies the ability for current and future businesses located in the park to access high-speed, fiber-based internet and associated services from AT&T.  The provider states that business’s networks can support video, voice and data operations with access to the cloud, Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Voice over IP (VoIP) services.

At an event held in the Upper Sandusky council chambers, representatives from AT&T Ohio, State Representative Wes Goodman, Upper Sandusky Mayor Scott Washburn, and owners of property in the Columbus-Toledo Midway Industrial Park took part in an announcement event.

AT&T Ohio Director of External Affairs Kevin Lynch stated, “AT&T has been a local telephone provider in the area for a long time, and we continue to innovate and Upper Sandusky is at the forefront of that.  AT&T has invested $1.4 billion in Ohio and $140 billion in the United States in the past six years.”

“People aren’t using smartphones for calling or texting anymore,” Lynch said. “They’re using it for downloading videos and such and they keep wanting it faster and faster.”

State Rep. Wes Goodman noted how the announcement highlighted what can be accomplished in smaller communities.

“This shows that innovation is happening in smaller communities and not just cities like Cleveland and Columbus,” Goodman said. “My job isn’t to create jobs. My job is to let companies, like AT&T, who know more about a topic than I do set up opportunities to make more jobs.”

Upper Sandusky Mayor Scott Washburn stated how the local infrastructure was a compliment to the quality of local residents and workforce.  “Our community and business parks have great advantages already and now we can promote that we have the latest technology, too,” Washburn said. “We applaud this effort to improve accessibility in order to retain and create new, good-paying jobs in Ohio’s 21st-century economy.”

Wyandot County Office of Economic Development Executive Director Greg Moon said, “Today’s business prospects and site selectors are looking for more than roads, water, sewer, gas and electricity.  So many of them want to know if there is fiber available on the site.”

AT&T Fiber Ready Event

From left: Kevin Lynch, Greg Moon, Scott Washburn, Wes Goodman, and Don Stephan

“Now when companies want to consider these business parks, they will have the confidence to know they will have access to the same advanced technology that they would have in a larger city,” Moon added.

Don Stephan, President of the board of Upper United Development Corp., an entity which owns multiple parcels available for development in the industrial park, noted the AT&T announcement was a step in the right direction for future development.  “My father helped start the park many years ago and there is still much to be developed,” Stephan said. “(The announcement) is going to give us the ability to tell people what we have to offer them.”

The Columbus-Toledo Midway Industrial Park is located on the north side of Upper Sandusky and borders the north and south sides of 4-lane U.S. 23/30 as well as State Routes 53/67 and an adjoining interchange.  There are roughly 200 acres available for development.  The park’s current employers include Bridgestone APM Company, Diamond Roll-up Door, Fairborn Industries, and Manufacturing Business Development Solutions.

Source: Massara, J. (2017, February 18). Upper Sandusky business park now Fiber Ready. Daily Chief-Union.

Gregory Moon

Greg is the Executive Director of the Wyandot County Office of Economic Development and also serves as the Executive Director of the Wyandot County Regional Planning Commission.

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