WCOED Schedules 2015 Wyandot County Forum

The WCOED has organized the 2015 Wyandot County Forum, which will take place on Tuesday, June 16th at 5:30 p.m.  The forum will 2015 County Forum Invitationprovide an opportunity for elected officials of Wyandot County and its townships and municipalities to engage one another and exchange ideas.  This networking opportunity is critical as there is no other event of this kind currently held within the county.

Moreover, the forum will provide each municipality and township the opportunity to inform others of current projects and efforts, share experiences, and to voice concerns.  State and federal legislators will also be invited to hear from local leaders in an effort to better understand what issues they are facing, and increasing awareness of resources that could be used locally.

The 2015 Wyandot County Forum is sponsored by WCOED gold member North Central Electric Cooperative. The Forum is free of charge and open to Wyandot County public officials as well as WCOED members. It will take place at the Viceroy Hall in Upper Sandusky with dinner provided. RSVP to the WCOED by June 9th.

The forum invitation can be found here.