Wyandot County, Creating Endless Business Opportunities

The Columbus-Toledo Midway Industrial Park, in Wyandot County, is an economic development project focused on business expansion. Located midway between Columbus and Toledo, the Columbus-Toledo Midway Industrial Park project in Wyandot County has secured multiple businesses and plans to expand in the forthcoming years.

Industrial Park LogoThe Columbus-Toledo Midway Industrial Park is a primary location in the Midwest. Located between Columbus, Ohio, and Toledo, Ohio, the industrial park is surrounded by manufacturing, agri-business, farming, and universities. Its workforce population within a 60-minute commute exceeds a half-million, giving businesses access to qualified workers. The Columbus-Toledo Midway is also within 500 miles of 60% of US buying income.

Access to the park includes two, 4-lane divided highways with an adjacent interchange. 3 nearby rail lines and 9 state routes also offer enhanced transportation options. The park intersects US-30 (east/west) and US-23 (north/south). Due to the effortless access to the park, businesses will benefit from high traffic and easy accessibility from future employees and customers.

The Wyandot County Office of Economic Development has assembled local investment tools to benefit businesses in the park. From job training reimbursement to infrastructure investment and property tax savings, there are resources readily available.

CTMIP MapAside from local investment tools, there is also local development organization assistance available. The assistance can help with services as such as statistic analysis and site location options.

The manufacturing businesses in the Columbus-Toledo Midway Industrial Park presently include Bridgestone APM Company, Diamond Roll-Up Door, Fairborn Industries, and Manufacturing Business Development Solutions.

There is currently 200 acres available for future business development. To inquire, visit wcoed.com/ctmip/ or call 419-294-6404.