Press Release

Wyandot Ranks 2nd in OH for Best Return on Property Taxes

Wyandot County has again ranked among the top Ohio counties whose local property owners receive the best ‘bang for their buck’ on local property taxes.  According to a study performed by financial technology company SmartAsset, Wyandot County ranked 2nd out of all Ohio counties for the most the efficient use of and value returned from property tax collections.

SmartAsset Tax Comparison

This was the third annual study on property taxes completed by SmartAsset, and the second year in a row in which Wyandot County has ranked among the top 5 counties on the list.  Wyandot was ranked 3rd best in the 2016 study.  When compared to counties across the entire United States, Wyandot ranks 253rd nationally.

To determine the counties in the U.S. where people and businesses are getting the most for their property tax dollars, SmartAsset primarily considers local school rankings, crime rates and property tax rates.

Click on the map below for a detailed description of the methodology used and more county rankings.

SmartAsset Tax Comparison Map