Wyandot County Young Professionals

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The Wyandot County Young Professionals (WCYP) is a group that was created by and as a subsidiary of the Wyandot County Office of Economic Development in 2013.  Since that time the WCYP has grown membership and its own funding mechanisms creating the ability for it to become its own separate, non-profit entity.

Click here to download the WCYP informational brochure

Purpose and Intent:  The WCYP is organized to create a network of young professionals that will develop themselves through mutual learning opportunities, community service, and knowledge shared by current and past community leaders. WCYP will work to develop necessary competencies in potential future business and community leaders, and actively strive to attract and retain young educated talent for the purpose of improving the economic viability and quality of life in Wyandot County.

Mission:  To develop, connect, empower, and retain young professionals through increased opportunities and resources that will enhance their professional development and business success within the region.

Meetings:  WCYP meet the last Thursday of each month.  Check the calendar for location and changes.


Wyanstock – WCYP organized the first annual Wyanstock – The Wyandot County Music Festival in July 2014.  This fundraising event helps to fund local scholarships and various charitable causes as well as future group efforts.  For more information please visit the Wyanstock webpage.

THE HUNT – An adult Easter Egg hunt held in April whose proceeds benefit various charitable causes.  Visit THE HUNT webpage for more information.