New Community Branding Unveiled

Wyandot Branding Board

Members of the Wyandot Improvement Network (WIN) and other private and public partners from across Wyandot County revealed new countywide community branding images today, May 5th, in front of the Wyandot County Courthouse.  The community branding project was carried our over the past year and included feedback from nearly 600 public surveys, and ongoing work by an 18 member committee.

The results included individual logos for the County of Wyandot, Villages of Carey and Sycamore, and City of Upper Sandusky.  A consistent theme is found throughout all of the logos identifying each as a member of the same Wyandot County Community.  A common "Experience Wy" logo was also created in each community's colors to be used as a consistent tagline for any local marketing campaign.

The WIN is led by leadership from the Wyandot County Office of Economic Development, Wyandot Chamber of Commerce, and Wyandot Visitors Bureau.  The branding project was the first major effort of the group, which has set out to tackle community development projects throughout the county.