NGL to Construct New Transload Facility

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The WCOED is proud to have the opportunity to work with and now welcome NGL Supply Company to the Wyandot County community.  The company has planned a new gas transload facility near the Village of Sycamore for many months, which is set to soon see construction.  Through the work of many, the company was approved assistance for its project last week by the Ohio Rail Development Commission.  Following is the official ORDC press release:

ORDC Approves Grant and Loan to NGL Supply Company, Ltd. (March 10, 2021)

On March 10, 2021, the Ohio Rail Development Commission (ORDC) approved a grant in the amount of
$50,000 and a loan of $500,000 to NGL Supply Co., Ltd. (Sycamore Terminal Company, LLC (STC)) in order to install rail infrastructure at its new transfer facility near Sycamore, Ohio. STC will invest more than $5 million at the project site and will hire two new employees.

STC’s parent is a Canadian company, formed in 1972 in Calgary, Alberta. A wholesale distributor of propane, butane, natural gas liquids and olefins, the NGL Group operates in 47 states and eight provinces across North America. The NGL Group includes 10 terminals, 2,300 rail cars and over sixty freight carriers who enable the delivery of more than 110,000 barrels per day of products to their customers. The transfer facility near Sycamore will be NGL’s first location in Ohio. The $5,270,000 facility will have 180,000 USG of capacity, with an eight-railcar unloading rack and two truck loading racks. In total, there will be 12 car spots on-site. Rail service will be provided by the Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway. The on-site rail infrastructure itself is estimated at $470,000, with additional expenses for loading and unloading equipment. Total capacity of the facility will allow the throughput of the site to heat approximately 35,000 homes in the NW Ohio/Sycamore area.

Currently, gas is trucked into the area from refineries 100+ miles away. Utilizing rail will allow end customers to better take advantage of the long-haul efficiencies inherent to rail. John Blysniuk, Vice President, Engineering Services, NGL, said “NGL Supply Terminals Company is proud to
announce the Sycamore Propane Terminal. With the support of the Ohio Rail Development Commission,
County of Wyandot and Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway, the Sycamore Terminal will open the fall of
2021. With our focus on safety and reliability of supply, the Sycamore Propane Terminal will provide
economic, safe, clean, low carbon energy to the community.”

Matthew Dietrich, Executive Director of the ORDC, said, “It is always our goal to assist businesses who are making investments in our state. Transload facilities like this one allow companies to take advantage of the benefits of rail transportation without needing direct rail connections,” he said.