WCOED Begins County Workforce Survey Effort

The Wyandot County Office of Economic Development began an effort to furtherWorkforce Survey Checkmark identify local workforce recruiting challenges and future workforce needs through surveying local businesses.  The 2015 Wyandot County Workforce Survey is a concise questionnaire that will help inform local policy as well as area educational and training providers.

The WCOED asks that all county businesses please participate in the first ever County Workforce Survey.  Workforce recruiting difficulties and skills gaps have been noted as consistent constraints to profitably operating a business in Wyandot County.  This survey, which can be accessed by clicking the image or link above, not only identifies the areas where local employers see skill gaps, but also collects information on future workforce needs.

The end goal is that the data collected will benefit a number of local efforts as well as inform area education and training providers.  No matter what size or what industry your organization falls into, all county businesses are invited to participate.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated, and all responses are kept confidential.

Please take 5 minutes to complete the brief survey which can be completed online by clicking the image or link above, or contact the WCOED office to be sent a hard copy of the questionnaire.