Wyandot Launches Yodel Community Calendar

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The new Wyandot Community Calendar, powered by Yodel, officially launched in mid-January.

A priority project of the Wyandot Improvement Network (WIN), the new community calendar   provides a comprehensive resource for local organizations such as schools, sports leagues, libraries, churches, bars and restaurants, nonprofits, and others to get their public events out far and wide.

The Yodel calendar can be accessed from a computer or phone, and offers users the ability to browse events similar to Netflix.  Users can also specify their interests, search for an event, or search for a specific organization, and save an events directly to their personal calendar.  Yodel sends users regular updates and event recommendations to keep them engaged with local events.

Wyandot’s calendar can support up to 200 local organizations.  With its recent implementation, the calendar is already seeing great results.   The current Wyandot County stats include:

  • 3,804 upcoming events
  • 134 personal users
  • 35 organizations

Now is the time to continue growing this great resource!  If your organization has public events, be sure to sign up as an organization.  Otherwise, register your personal account today:

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