First National Bank of Sycamore Announces Expansion

FNBS New Building
Rendering of new FNBS main branch

First National Bank of Sycamore President and WCOED platinum
member Dean Keller recently announced the bank’s plans to triple
the square footage of its main branch in the Village of Sycamore.  The
currently 3,500 square foot facility will incorporate an adjacent drive-thru space and two-story residential building that are already owned
by the bank to create the expanded 10,500 square foot branch.  A two-lane drive-thru with an ATM will also be added west of the bank.

To create space for the project and parking, FNBS will have to tear
down another adjacent home that it also owns.  The newly added
parking space will also serve the needs of the American Legion inFirst National Bank logo
Sycamore.  Sycamore council unanimously voted in favor of zoning
variances needed for the expansion to take place.  The construction
phase is estimated to take up to 8 months and may start by this spring.