Utilities and Infrastructure

Highways Through Wyandot County

Outstanding Transportation Infrastructure

Wyandot County is at the intersection of U.S. Route 30 and U.S. Route 23, two four-lane, divided freeways built to standards similar to those of interstate highways. In addition, we are home to nine State Routes (53, 67, 199, 37, 231, 568, 103, 182, 294). This combination of state and federal highways facilitates the seamless movement of people and products throughout the region.


Ohio Highways

The county’s extensive transportation infrastructure dates back to 1913 when the Lincoln Highway was built. The Lincoln Highway, U.S. Route 30, was the first road across America, reaching coast-to-coast from Times Square in New York City to Lincoln Park in San Francisco.

Wyandot County offers favorable rail, airport, and water port options. The county is serviced by three different railway companies, CXS Transportation, Wheeling & Lake Railway, and Rail America Lines.

Ohio Railways
Wheeling & Lake Erie Railways
Wheeling & Lake Erie Railways

First-Rate Utilities for Modern Industry

Electric Service Map

AEP Ohio is part of the American Electric Power system, one of the largest electric utilities in the United States, delivering electricity to more than 920 communities located in 61 of Ohio’s 88 counties. North Central Electric Cooperative, Inc. is a member-owned, member-controlled nonprofit electric distribution utility located in North Central Ohio. NCEC is one of 24 electric Co-ops in Ohio.  Mid-Ohio Energy and Ohio Edison also encompass southern parts of Wyandot County.

Natural Gas Map

Arlington Natural Gas, Sheldon Gas, and Columbia Gas provide natural gas service to a large portion of Wyandot County.  Columbia Transmission is the supplier for the County. Columbia Gas Transmission Company has a secondary 8″ transmission line entering Upper Sandusky from the north along SR 67 with a meter station on North Sandusky Ave. at Village View Acres. They also have a 4″ line from Upper Sandusky out past Guardian on SR 67.

Telephone Exchange Map

With the fiber optic connectivity in Wyandot County, area businesses can leverage high speed connections to the Internet, other business locations, and the world.  This connectivity can help make your business more efficient by providing the large data “pipes” required to compete in today’s global economy.  CentraComm, a managed IT security and service provider headquartered in Northwest Ohio, can provide this connectivity and IT security needed to make your connections fast and secure. These services are also available from Time-Warner and other connectivity and security vendors. Wyandot County even has its own locally owned and operated telecommunications provider, Sycamore Telephone Company, who offers fiber and other connectivity options in the central and northeastern areas of the county.

Wyandot County Waterways Map

Wyandot County has an abundance of water from both surface and ground water sources. Most of Wyandot County is located in the Sandusky River Watershed. However, nearly 70 % of the County relies on ground water sources for their primary water supply. The incorporated areas of the County draw water from a combination of reservoir supplied water and public ground water systems.  The City of Upper Sandusky has a ISO rating of Class 5.