Business Retention & Expansion

Wyandot County BR&E Program

Empowering Local Businesses – Informing Local Policy

The Wyandot County Office of Economic Development relies on local business feedback to inform the directives of our organization and those of local policy makers:

2024 BR&E Questionnaire – Click Here to Access

BR&E at National Lime and Stone

The Wyandot County Office of Economic Development offers a comprehensive Business Retention & Expansion (BR&E) program that is designed to help implement projects that assist in local businesses growth.  Through visits and questionnaires, the BR&E program is able to identify areas where local, state, or federal resources may be available to assist local firms in their profitable growth.

Whether your organization is seeking building and equipment financing, workforce development funding, site selection assistance, research & development assistance, or permitting assistance; Wyandot County Economic Development can help streamline the process.  Locally owned businesses typically have a long-term commitment to Wyandot County and relate to the excellent lifestyle and quality of life this community has to offer.  Furthermore, local businesses play a vital role in our community as anywhere from 60% to upwards of 86% of new jobs created in rural communities come from existing businesses.

All local business owners, operators, and management are encouraged to participate in the BR&E program by following the link at the top of this page.

For a further overview, click here for our Business Retention & Expansion Brochure.

Past Program Reports & Data:

View the past results of information collected through the BR&E program below:

Contact Greg Moon, WCOED Executive Director to request a BR&E visit.