AEP Ohio Commercial Highlights Kalmbach Feeds

AEP Kalmbach Commercial

(Watch Video Below)

A new marketing campaign running throughout the state of Ohio prominently showcases two Wyandot County Office of Economic Development members.  A new AEP Ohio commercial gives a quick showcase of Kalmbach Feeds and its new state-of-the-art REK feed mill facility.  Kalmbach Feeds Vice President of Operations Andy Bishop as well as AEP Ohio Economic and Business Development Manager Tim Wells provide brief oversight of the recent REK project and how the two entities cooperated to minimize costs associated with the development.  A portion of the AEP Ohio grants mentioned in the advertisement were facilitated through coordination with the WCOED years ago when the REK project was in the planning phases.

Lastly, footage was also shot in downtown Upper Sandusky where a Kalmbach Feeds truck can be seen passing through the main intersection.  The 30 second commercial provides a quick highlight of some great Wyandot County assets and showcases the significant recent growth project of a home-grown company.