Vaughn Industries Announces Significant Headquarters Expansion

Vaughn Industries Office Expansion

Headquartered in the Village of Carey, Vaughn Industries announced plans to significantly expand its office facility.  The expansion, projected to break ground in May, will include the addition of 18,000 square feet.  A new 4-story addition will feature an expanded training room, new offices, and conference rooms.  Also adjacent will be a new two-story space including an expanded lobby and new cafeteria.

Head of Business Development for Vaughn Industries and current 2019 WCOED President, John Barnes, explained that this expansion will support the company’s continued and future growth.  Vaughn Industries currently employs over 550 individuals, and maintains an additional office in Lewis Center.

The expansion will significantly change the appearance of the facility with not only the addition of a 4-story section, but through new glass and brick facades.  Portions of the expansion will also feature metal paneling, and an illuminated sign will be installed on an elevated elevator shaft.  A plaza area is featured near the main entrance, and the nearby parking lot will be reconfigured to accommodate 17 additional parking spaces.

Vaughn Industries Office Front
Vaughn Industries headquarters
Vaughn Industries Office Expansion
Artist rendering of new expansion

Vaughn Industries is an electrical/mechanical contractor specializing in multiple fields including substation and underground, transmission and distribution, and renewable energy projects.

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